Graphic Designs and Logos

When creating a website, your main objective is to catch the viewer’s eye and maintain their interest. This can be done in many ways with different forms of graphic design and catching logos.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a skill or art technique of combining pictures and text content in websites, advertisements, books and magazines. This visual content communicates messages to the audience.

Different Types of Graphic Design

Anyone that is building a website has to be aware of the different types of graphic designs.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Visual identity graphic design is about the elements that are visual in nature that identify the brand. For example, a company logo can depict what the brand is about. The logo of a brand sends quality messages regarding the brand of the company. The logo can consist of shapes, colours and images, along with the text. Colours, typography and image libraries also can represent a brand’s personality.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Successful marketing strategies engage people and create awareness about products and services. A great marketing strategy used by is using colourful, bold and eye-catching images that pertain to bingo games and promotions. Marketing designers have grown from print centred marketing design to a larger market of digital designing. Digital marketing designing is largely used in content marketing. Some examples of marketing graphic design are:

  • The templates that are used for email marketing
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Advertisements used in social media
  • The images that are used in most websites

and much more.

User Interface Graphic Design

The user interfaces graphic designer focuses on on-screen graphic design elements; for example, menus, buttons, and micro-interaction. The main focus is the device users visual experience. It is optimum to have the skill of combining functionality with visual aesthetics.

Some examples of this type of graphic design are:

  • Theme design
  • App design
  • Web page design
  • Game interfaces

User Interface designers must possess both skills of graphics apps, and programming features like CSS, Javascript and HTML.

Publication Graphic Design

This is most likely one of the longest forms of communication that reaches an audience through distribution to the public. Traditionally, magazines, newspapers, catalogues and books were the most often used print mediums. However, with the evolution in digital technology publishing has become very popular.

Motion Graphic Design

A very popular and new form of graphic design is motion graphic design. This method of graphic design includes audio, video, animation, typography and many other effects. This type of graphic design is used in television, film and online media. Motion graphics can be located across all digital platforms. Some examples of motion graphic design are:

  • Websites
  • Video games
  • Animated logos

and much more.

Creating Your Own Logo

There are several websites available to customise and make your own logo. It is very easily done. One of the websites advertises a logo can be created in seconds. All you need to do is enter a business name, describe your company, select a style icon, fonts, and colours. The websites software program will create a custom logo with the information you have provided. Another option is to hire a graphic designer. Hiring a graphic designer can be expensive. However, you get what you pay for. When using websites and their software programs, only the low quality is available at no cost. The higher resolution images are at a cost.